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Children learn the medium of singing, dancing and acting as a combined art form.

Each class starts with a short dance and vocal warm-up, followed by a segment from an age-appropriate Musical Theatre show. The skills are built week-to-week and over a period of time using song sheets and scripts. Choreographed movement and staging is also added over the weeks and the end result is a finished musical theatre song.

Within the group lesson, children are encouraged to take solo lines and sing as an ensemble. This way we can encourage those that are perhaps a little shy at first, to explore the idea of singing solos, and likewise we are able to build the skills of those who are already confident. We ensure the children are also able to enjoy working as a team, encouraging each other to step out of their comfort zone.

The dancing and singing aspects of these lessons is not out of the reach of non-dancers or non-singers and all abilities and skill levels can be accommodated. The focus is to help children understand how Musical Theatre uses all three genres of singing, dancing and acting.

We recommend taking the Creative Drama, Singing and Modern Jazz & Tap classes for an all-round training, using Musical Theatre to bring all these skills together.